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With a gift through Eyezon, you can help hospitals better respond to Covid-19. You can help provide shelter to internally displaced families. You can help build the image of Ethiopia. This all starts with you!

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How It Works


Once you choose a cause to donate to, fill out your information and the amount you want to donate. You will receive a confirmation of your donation after finilizing the process.


Eyezon serves as a channel to transfer your gifts to the Ethiopian Diaspora Agency bank account in the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia without holding the money at any point.


Commercial Bank Of Ethiopia(CBE) covers our operating costs so 100% of your money can fund the projects.


MoE, MoH, and NDRMC Up on settlement, the donations are transferred from the bank account of the Ethiopian Diaspora Agency to the bank of MoE, MoH, and NDRMC depending on the donor’s choice of causes.

Existing Campaigns

Campaigns launched over different causes and verfied organizations.

DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) Campaign
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Vegas For Ethiopia
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How To Donate

Step 1: Choose a Cause to donate to

These are three causes that you can choose to donate to.

Step 2: Filling out your information

Fill in your information, including the amount you want to donate.

Step 3: Receiving a Certificate

As stewardship, you will receive a certificate for a confirmation of your donation.