How to create a cause on Eyezon and begin raising funds for your cause?

by Chapa / Oct 22, 2021

To create a cause on Eyezon, your organization needs to be a registered charity, non-profit organization, or government agency. 
If you satisfy the above requirement, then these are the five steps to take to raise funds for your organization successfully from creating your cause to closeout. 
  1. The organization applies to the Ethiopian Diaspora Agency (EDA) with this form:- The organization needs to provide summary information on the cause per the rules and guidelines of EDA.
  2. Partner Account Established:- Once approved, you will receive user credentials with instructions and can begin creating causes. 
  3. Marketing and Promotion:- The organization is responsible for getting the word out via marketing campaigns.
  4. Updates and Engagement:- Partner provides updates on active campaigns to continue awareness.
  5. Fundraising conclusion:- Monitor expired campaigns and closeout of partners once the agreement is complete. 

  • The Due Diligence form to be onboarded on Eyezon: Partner Registration Form
  • The EDA has the right to remove any organizations and causes that do not meet EDA guidelines. 
  • The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) will collect the funds on behalf of the client that’s raised by the fundraising causes and ensure the reconciliation is done for the organizations that the client’s onboarded on the platform whether the organization’s account is either in CBE or other banks with 0% transaction fee’s.