How to create a campaign on EyezonEthiopia?

by Chapa / Jan 06, 2022

We are making EyezonEthiopia as open as we can to everyone. But Campaigns need to have an impact on society.

Guideline's for creating a campaign.

Eyezon's goal is to create a centralized donation platform where the Ethiopian diaspora community and supporters of Ethiopia can come together and stand for different national causes.

For each cause, users can create campaigns to reach a focused audience from their family and friends or within your community and organizations.

Requirements for creating a campaign:
1. Fill out this form and submit
2. To Create a campaign under available causes, the process required a $1,000 donation for the campaign to start.
3. EDA will review the campaign for approval
4. Once approved, you will get a confirmation.
5. That's it! Promote and start sharing campaign

Guideline for campaigns:

This guideline is formulated to assist people in creating sound and courteous campaigns.

1. Dignity:- The campaign created must align with the values and norms of the Ethiopian community, and it should not be offensive towards any group of people.

2. Nationality:- Campaigns must reflect the country's national interest and its people.