Our Cause

Eyezon: Ethiopian National Causes Donation Platform.


The diaspora community has been asking for a centralized platform to accept gifts as there are numerous sites where their funds are not traceable and transparent. With more than 2.5 million Ethiopians living outside of Ethiopia, the diaspora community is not only large but influential. 


The Ethiopian Diaspora Agency has been set up to provide a way for the Diaspora community to understand their national and international circumstances.


Generally, the agency operates under these five principles regarding the concept of the diaspora community;


- The Diaspora of Ethiopia includes all Ethiopians and generations of Ethiopians who have left their country due to political, economic, or social issues and are living in different parts of the world. 

- The Diaspora community just as it has rights and benefits for citizens, also has citizenship responsibilities. In particular, the agency will follow practices and principles that help the Diaspora take interest in national affairs and also create ties so as to enable them to fulfill their part as a citizen.

- The Diaspora community has an idea that the Diaspora community should be accommodated in a manner of national unity but different from the social structure of the community and the political and economic conditions of the people.

- The Diaspora community agency will not trail on a shifting image of its position and status but rather a viable good representation that is based on citizenship and Ethiopian nationality.

- The agency works to promote excellent interaction following the notion that even though the Diaspora community is living in foreign countries; accomplishing the diaspora’s rights to access the benefits, and its national contribution is directly connected with the citizens of the country.


Eyezon is a worthy project that underlines all the five principles to help the diaspora take interest in national affairs and also create attachment so as to enable them to attain their part as a citizen.  Besides, it helps to establish tools that would link more effectively remittances with the development of local communities involving the diaspora in this effort. Through Eyezon, we empower nonprofit organizations to unlock the generosity of their supporters and help them advance what they stand for. 


Eyezon is a platform for organizations to create awareness about their cause and accept gifts in local currency from any donor around the world. We are dedicated to providing the smoothest experience for giving so we created a platform for online fundraising.